International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 10, Issue 3, September 2019, PP 201-210

Digital Customer Experience: The Risk of Ignoring the Non-Digital Experience

Marcel Weber, Christos G. Chatzopoulos


Digital technology can change the customer journey from a regular customer experience (CX) into a digital CX where touchpoints are supported by digital means. However, a focus on merely digital CX may be risky because CX is dependent on what occurs at touchpoints other than those that are digital. Some experts assert digital experience exerts a small influence on the total customer experience (TCX). In this paper, we discuss whether a strategic focus on digital CX is beneficial or disadvantageous to a company that operates online. In addition, we consider the conditions a company must contemplate in evaluating if digital CX has more impact on TCX. The paper presents a conceptual discussion based on a review of the literature and evidence from practice. Findings from two case studies indicate that emphasis on TCX is more important than focusing only on digital CX, which can lead to counter-productive results for customers and decrease the importance of non-digital CX.


Key words: Customer Experience, Digital Customer Experience, Non-Digital Customer Experience, Total Customer Experience
Article history: Received (04-OCT-2019); Revised (05-AUG-2019); Accepted (08-AUG-2019)
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