International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 10, Issue 2, June 2019, PP 131-138

The Impact of Perceived Advertising Creativityon Behavioural Intentions and Quality Perceptions in Mass Customization

Thomas Aichner, Abdel Monim Shaltoni


This is the first article to study the influence of perceived advertising creativity on behavioural intentions and perceived product quality in mass customization. Through an online survey, 300 Saudi participants evaluated one of three fictitious miadidas sneakers advertisements, which weremanipulated through the use of different product configurations. These product configurations had different levels of perceived creativity, which consequently influenced the perceived advertising creativity of the overall advertisement.The results show that perceived advertising creativity is an excellentpredictor for behavioural intentions such as the customer’s willingness to visit the advertiser’s website and to try out customizing the product using a web-based sales-configurator. The more creative the advertisement is perceived by the customer, the higher is his or her behavioural intention. In contrast, the correlation between perceived advertising creativity and perceived product quality is weak and negative.


Key words: Advertising, Consumer Perception, Creativity, Mass Customization, Young Consumers
Article history: Received (5.11.2018); Revised (3.03.2019); Accepted (6.03.2019)
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