International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2019, PP 125-130

Impact of a Pulsed Magnetic Field on a Hard Alloy During Machining on Heavy Machine Tools

Viktor Kovalov, Yana Vasilchenko, Maksym Shapovalov, Raul Turmanidze, Predrag Dašić


Analysis of the tool work and refusals when heavy machines cutting shows the necessity to use methods of bulk modification for improving structural strength and fracture resistance of cemented carbide cutting plates. It is suggested to test cutting plates to assess the structural strength limit. The accelerated method to estimate theresistancetoscatteredcontactdamage and chipping resistance is developed.It is obtained that the pulsed magnetic field treatment(PMNF) of cutting plates (85% WoC,5% TiC, 10% Co) leads to a dependent on treatment regime increase in structural bending strength limit under static load. The PMTF allows increasing theresistancetoscatteredcontactdamage and chipping resistancefor cutting plates (92% WoC, 8% Co).It is shown thatphysical method of pulsed magnetic field treatment is promising for modification of tool materials


Key words: Heavy machine, Cemented carbide, Structural strength, Resistance to scattered contact damage, Chipping resistance,Pulsed magnetic field
Article history: Received (30.03.2018); Revised (12.09.2018); Accepted (14.11.2018)
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