International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 10, Issue 1, March 2019, PP 93-103

The Role of Controlling Credit Sales and Receivables in the Wood Processing Companies of Tuzla Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Emira Kozarević, Adisa Delić, Mirzet Omerović


When companies sell goods/services, they may request cash prior to or at the delivery or they may offer deferred payment. The decision on credit policy is a trade-off between the benefits gained from increased sales and the costs of approving credit. Based on the appropriate analysis of reports, controlling should help the management to bring such business decisions aimed towards customers and to take all the necessary measures for obeying the appropriate legal regulations.This way, controlling may influence better liquidity of a company, which includes faster cash turnover, payment to its suppliers, lower outstanding accounts, and better profitability. Apart from the general importance of controlling credit sales and collection of receivables, the article examines the position and the role of controlling in the companies operating in wood processing as the fastest growing industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Key words: controlling, credit sales and receivables,wood processing companies, Tuzla Canton
Article history: Received (05.12.2018); Revised (23.01.2019); Accepted (26.02.2019)
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