International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 8, Issue 1, March 2016, PP 1-8
UDK: 004.41

One Software Solution for Data Transfer Between Client and Server with Emphasis on Saving Memory and CPU Usage

Munir Šabanović, Muzafer Saračević,Emruš Azizović


The paper analyzes the memory usage and consumption of processor time when the user interacts with the application. We have analyzed the workload of the processor depending on the number of loaded data for different technologies of transfer (AMF, JSON or XML) from the server to the client. Apart from that, we have analyzed the occupation of memory depending on the number of loaded data and instantiated objects, the percentage of availability of memory that the class instances occupy. The change in the memory occupation is displayed graphically and numerically.


Key words: client-server communication, data transfer, memory, CPU usage, XML
Article history: Received (19.09.2016); Revised (14.12.2016); Accepted (01.03.2017)
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