International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 4, Issue 4, December 2013, PP 207-214

Lean Product Lifecycle Management Approach

Valentina Gecevska, Zoran Anišić, Teodora Stojanova


Companies in today's manufacturing environment must have repeatable, compliant and responsive business processes, global ICT information infrastructure that provides a single source of the truth and alignment across departments. The companies must first focus on the needs of their customer, continually minimize time to scale, eliminate waste, drive out costs and improve. With holistic strategy and supporting infrastructure, companies can achieve profitable growth. Lean as a strategy is about reducing waste wherever it occurs in the organization. It is useful to eliminate the unnecessary effort by people or machine, duplicated data and non-value activities as much as possible. This paper will describe how Lean concept with PLM business strategy can leverage Lean with integrated compliance and continual improvement to increase the return on R&D investments and provide sustainable and profitable growth for business processes mainly manufacturing processes. This paper presents one of the most widely-used PLM solution suites in the market, Siemens PLM software-Teamcenter, built on the latest IT technology. Teamcenter as an IT tool for Lean product lifecycle management (Lean PLM) offers the companies a lot of benefits. One of them is managing product structures, create and modify them in order to save time and resources.


Key words: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Lean PLM, Product Structure
Article history: Received (04.02.2013); Revised (26.04.2013); Accepted (27.05.2013)
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