International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management
Volume 1, Issue 2, June 2010, PP 41-46

The Cambridge Manufacturing Leaders' Programme

M. J. Platts


As with all Cambridge teaching, the Cambridge Manufacturing Leaders' Programme is based on one-to-one tutorial supervision, comprising guidance throughout a major strategic development project in the programme participant's company, interspersed with reflective study time spent in Cambridge. In this paper a description of the course is set in a wider philosophical context, looking at the role of work in a personal developmental sense, and the responsibility carried by manufacturing leaders for shaping and guiding that process. It is shown that the programme is rooted in and embodies important aspects of our European heritage regarding work as a learning process and the master/apprentice relationship as a way of giving educational guidance


Key words: Manufacturing, Leaders' Programme, Strategic Development
Article history: Received (14.07.2010); Revised (14.10.2010); Accepted (25.10.2010)
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